People tend to talk over each other, whether they’re in the office or at the dinner table. It’s an unfortunate fact of life. While this tendency is merely annoying if all involved parties are assembled in the same room, it can spell disaster for participants who are calling in from a remote location. Even when meeting participants play nice and wait their turn, conventional microphones are unable to keep up if a person moves around the room while talking, resulting in a loss of clarity and intelligibility for call participants on the far end.

That’s why Devio’s beamforming microphone is such a game-changer. Unlike a traditional microphone, Devio’s microphone is actually composed of an array of eight smaller microphones, which allow it to pinpoint the exact location and angle of a talker’s voice and adapt accordingly. This means Devio’s microphone can follow the person’s voice whether he or she is sitting or standing, or if he or she moves around while talking. If you’re in a huddle room and you suddenly stand up, turn around, and walk away from the microphone – for example, to go write on the room’s whiteboard – Devio’s microphone will automatically follow you.

Contrary to devices designed for larger spaces and scaled down for huddle rooms, Devio was created specifically with collaboration in mind. Devio’s beamforming microphone is active and adaptive, following the sound of talkers’ voices in real time. Even better, soft voices will be “turned up” with Automatic Gain Control, keeping conference participants as engaged in the conversation as possible.

Ultimately, we developed Devio’s beamforming microphone to help facilitate effective conversations in the huddle space, whether people are collaborating from across the room or across the world. Want to learn more about Devio’s beamforming microphone? Check out the June issue of Component magazine, available at InfoComm 2016.