On March 1, 2016, Sound and Video Contractor (SVC) hosted a webinar focusing on demystifying time-sensitive networking (TSN) and why AVB/TSN matters. This Biamp-sponsored webinar was presented by Greg Schlector, technical marketing strategist at Intel; Kevin B. Stanton, Intel senior principal engineer; and SVC chief editor Cynthia Wisehart. This webinar presents an introductory overview of current protocols and why AVB/TSN was developed. Topics covered include:

• History of protocols and streaming audio/video over a network
• Protocols and common foundations for Internet of Things (IoT) coverage
• How and why TSN developed
• What TSN adds to the standard
• Why TSN matters to Pro AV
• Stream Reservation Protocol (SRP) and traffic shaping
• How does the AVnu Alliance fit into this picture?
• Market and user interoperability requirements for AVnu certification

As an added resource, the webinar includes question-and-answer segments throughout. Watch the webinar here, free of charge, and download the presentation deck for additional reference material. Just fill out the registration form and you’re good to go!