Biamp Gives Back: Our 2021 Charitable Grant Honorees

Biamp is proud to announce that Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls, Young Audiences of Oregon & SW Washington, and Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation have been selected as the winners of our 2021 charitable grant program. Selected by our charitable leadership committee, each organization receives this award in recognition of their efforts to…

Welcome Neets: Biamp’s Latest Extraordinary Connection

Last month, Biamp announced the acquisition of Neets A/S, a leading manufacturer of AV control systems, device controllers, and control software based in Horsens, Denmark. Bringing Neets into the fold is the latest step in our ongoing mission to connect people through extraordinary audiovisual experiences by streamlining communication in every space—but some may not be aware…


Effective Sound Masking Requires Proper Loudspeaker Coverage

If you were tasked with installing office lighting, would you save a few bucks by specifying fewer fixtures and thereby creating a workplace environment with annoyingly inconsistent lighting? Probably not. But sound masking system designers sometimes under-specify the number of loudspeakers needed to achieve a uniform masking system. And while it’s true that fewer loudspeakers means a lower cost, it also means poor sound masking performance. That’s because without the proper number of speakers—installed in a consistently spaced grid pattern—there’s little to no uniformity, which results in a sound masking system that’s noticeable, thereby becoming a distraction that adversely affects employee comfort and productivity and totally defeating the purpose of…

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