Why Great Video Can’t Save Bad Conferencing

The ability to see a speaker as well as hear them is incredibly valuable, allowing us to pick up on non-verbal cues that do so much to complement what’s being said. However, the key phrase here is “to see as well as hear.” When it comes to conferencing, many organizations continue to focus on optimizing…

Biamp Gives Back With Extraordinary Experiences

You may know about Biamp’s mission to connect people through extraordinary audiovisual experiences. What you might not be aware of is our commitment to creating opportunities within the audiovisual industry and throughout our communities via our corporate giving initiatives, which also provide Biamp employees with chances to support organizations they feel passionately about. This summer,…

3 Key Insights From The World Premiere Of Crowd Mics

Crowd Mics is the future. Ok, I realize that’s a bit of a bold statement, but hear me out. Since first experiencing this product I’ve been really taken with its features, which have the potential to truly revolutionize how audiences and presenters interact. Basically, Crowd Mics turns any smartphone into a microphone. By downloading the…

The Beauty of Asymmetry

People are attuned to symmetry. There’s just something pleasing for us when two sides of an object mirror each other. Bilateral symmetry occurs often in the natural world, which may help explain this preference. We expect a butterfly’s wings to “reflect” each other along the axis of its body; and If they don’t line up…

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