3 Ways Beamtracking Microphones Give Everyone A Voice

Being heard in any meeting, both figuratively and literally, is important. And while the former can be harder to quantify, all too often deficiencies regarding the latter are abundantly clear. Simply put, many conference room microphones are ill-equipped to deal with the overlapping voices, clacking keyboards, and myriad other audio issues that are a part…


4 Barriers to Achieving Truly Great Conferencing

“Good is the enemy of great.” While author Jim Collins’ popular 2001 book Good to Great applies this concept to business management, the same core idea easily translates to conferencing. Many organizations are content with C+ meeting setups that do the job, and not much else. While the reasons vary from perceived ease of use, cost, and everything in between, the fact is these companies are doing themselves a disservice by settling for second (or third, or fourth) best. Here are four common barriers that keep many businesses from achieving the truly great conferencing they deserve: 1. Equipment That Doesn’t “Talk” To Each Other When it comes to the various…


Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) is dedicated to developing safe, reliable self-driving transportation for everyone, everywhere. Uber ATG sought to update every conferencing space throughout its three-story headquarters to promote greater usability, as employees found them to be frustrating and difficult to fully utilize. Garydavid Royce, Uber’s senior design engineer, and…

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