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Revolutionizing Office Efficiency: A Closer Look at Evoko’s Scheduling Solutions

Efficient resource management is crucial for any organization’s success. So, to help our integrator partners provide end-to-end conferencing solutions to their end-users, Biamp recently acquired Evoko, a company that’s been at the forefront of revolutionizing office efficiency with its extraordinary scheduling solutions. Evoko streamlines the process of booking meeting rooms and shared desk spaces. With…

Biamp Acquires Scheduling Pioneer Evoko

On Thursday, 8/31, Biamp announced the acquisition of Evoko, a Sweden-based manufacturer renowned for its advanced scheduling systems. This marks another major step in Biamp’s expansion strategy and commitment to provide more comprehensive, integrated solutions for our customers. Evoko, headquartered in Stockholm, is a leading innovator in intuitive workplace technology solutions. Its suite of products…

Biamp Celebrates Energy Star Certification for Voltera A Series 600-watt Amplifiers

We are excited to share the news that our Voltera A Series 600-watt amplifiers have achieved Energy Star certification, an important milestone in our commitment to environmental responsibility. A result of rigorous testing and adherence to stringent energy efficiency guidelines, the Energy Star certification ensures that these amplifiers consume less power without compromising on their…

Understanding the Fundamental Differences Between Pro AV and Consumer Electronics

Creating an inviting atmosphere is important for every retail or hospitality business to attract and retain customers. The right audiovisual (AV) system greatly enhances customers’ experiences in such establishments, yet many small businesses are unaware of the major differences between consumer electronics and professional AV solutions. Consumer products from big-box stores may seem like money…

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