Who says you need a big room to discuss your big idea? In modern workplaces, the most brilliant breakthroughs often occur in the smallest spaces. We created Devio to support collaborative sessions in huddle rooms, whether all the participants are there in person or people are joining via web conference. Devio comes with a beamforming microphone that we profiled in a previous blog post, which brings far-end participants into the conversation. The original Devio microphone sits on the tabletop, which works great for some huddle rooms. However, what happens when tabletop space is at a premium? The latest Devio development is here to solve that problem.

We are proud to introduce the Devio DCM-1 ceiling microphone. This microphone features the same beamforming technology as its tabletop sibling, allowing you to conduct your meetings with the confidence that participants on the far end will hear the conversation clearly. In addition, the DCM-1 has been designed to be simply installed in rooms with or without a drop ceiling, and features easy adjustment of the pendant microphone height to fit well in your environment. Now your small meeting rooms can have excellent Devio audio whether you prefer your microphone to be located on the table or hanging from the ceiling.