Over the years, you’ve shared stories with us about the inconvenience of having to bring an entire enterprise system online at the same time, instead of being able to bring different sections online as they’re completed. That leads to system down time, which your customers may only allow after business hours, which means late nights and long hours for you.

We’re very happy to have put an end to all that. With the partitions in Tesira, we created a tool that makes it easier to build in phases, and perform upgrades and maintenance.

Tesira Partitions

The software partitions in Tesira are software-only boundaries that can be used to separate parts of a system file. Elements can be grouped by function, specific location, or even a mix of groupings. Regardless of how the partitions are divided, they can go on- and offline independently of each other.

Even if the whole system is in one configuration file, a single partition can be brought offline and changed. It can then be compiled again without the other partitions being affected. And when the new file uploads into the system, the other partitions never even have to stop running.

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