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A Brief Overview of Partitions in Tesira

Over the years, you’ve shared stories with us about the inconvenience of having to bring an entire enterprise system online at the same time, instead of being able to bring different sections online as they’re completed. That leads to system down time, which your customers may only allow after business hours, which means late nights…

Here’s What’s New from Biamp at InfoComm 2014

After the launch of TesiraFORTÉ and its online, self-paced training course, it would have been easy for us to take a break and ride out the summer on the coat tails of that success. But we didn’t. In addition to some exciting announcements about our Tesira and Vocia product lines, we also have some partnership…

What a Courtroom Audio Solution Could Look Like with TesiraFORTÉ

Today’s courtrooms and legal community are becoming more tech savvy with the implementation of digital evidence presentation, digital recording, and remote witness testimony. When you have a product like TesiraFORTÉ controlling the audio in the courtroom, you can take advantage of all these AV amenities. When we designed this courtroom system design guide, we made…

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