After the launch of TesiraFORTÉ and its online, self-paced training course, it would have been easy for us to take a break and ride out the summer on the coat tails of that success. But we didn’t. In addition to some exciting announcements about our Tesira and Vocia product lines, we also have some partnership updates for you. First, product.

Tesira 2.1

Tesira 2.1 is ready to rock and roll. This update includes new AEC expanders and the software to support them. The EX-AEC half-rack expander and EEC-4 module card for EX-MOD devices can be purchased as endpoints to be added to existing Tesira systems. These new endpoints use the same hardware to process our Sona AEC technology as you would find in the SEC-4 card, but in expander form. Although the expanders will ship in late June, we released the software yesterday.

Also part of Tesira 2.1 are enhancements to our compressor processing block. While we’ve always had a compressor block in Tesira, we’ve made some significant improvements, including the ability to do multi-channel compression.

Vocia 1.6

Vocia 1.6 will be shipping in mid-July.


One of the things we’ve been doing a lot of is working with friends in the industry, such as Lab.gruppen, Dev-Audio, and Audio-Technica.

Yesterday at InfoComm 2014, Lab.gruppen announced their D SERIES amplifiers. Fully integrated into the amplifiers is Biamp Tesira technology. These amplifiers and accompanying Tesira software will be available later this summer. To learn more about the first amplifiers with Tesira technology, check out the Lab.gruppen D SERIES website.

A few months ago, you may have heard that we acquired a company called Dev-Audio, and its cutting-edge microphone product, Microcone®. Microcone is an innovatively simple tool that records and manages group conversations. Using a single device, Microcone can record talkers in six different directions, on six separate audio channels, or within the same room. This relationship is just getting started, so stay tuned for more information in the coming months.

Audio-Technica has created a Dante™ conferencing microphone, and we will be creating a dedicated software block for them. The software block will allow integrators to take advantage of the remote settings and control technology they’ve built into the microphone. For more information about the microphone, contact Audio-Technica.

On behalf of Biamp Systems, I’d like to wholeheartedly thank you–our customers, partners, friends, and colleagues–for making TesiraFORTÉ a hit. But we still have plenty of work that we want to get done, and we have no plans to stop. Thank you for your constant support. We’re looking forward to what’s coming next, and we hope you are too.