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The Coolness of AEC

All conferencing is a substitute for face-to-face conversation. When talking in person, we can interject, we can analyze tone and body language, and we tend to interrupt each other. This is natural to us; this is what we expect. Traditional telephone systems can hinder this natural style of communication. When you’re holding a handset to…

Vocia and Tesira Are Closer Than Ever

A preoccupation for us since Tesira was released has been how to make it integrate better with Vocia. Some of our customers have crafted ways of doing it in their installs, but we wanted to create something more direct for you. With the Vocia 1.6 firmware update, Vocia amplifiers can now receive unicast CobraNet bundles…

What a Vocia Nurse Call Integration System Looks Like

In this month’s sample system design guide, we’d like to show you what’s possible with the Vocia Nurse Call Integration (NCI) package in a small healthcare facility. The unique need of healthcare facilities for professional-grade networked public address, and voice evacuation systems requires a very specialized audio solution. With Vocia, the decentralized architecture distributes audio…

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