Using a professional, DSP-based audio system in conferencing is the best way to ensure that the verbal communication taking place in remote meetings is clear and intelligible and that no one has to strain to hear. Removing the speakerphone from the room, as well as using professional microphones and professional loudspeakers, are vital to this level of performance.

However, removal of the speakerphone results in an important question: “how do we dial?” While there are many possible answers to this question, our customer base has been steadily asking for a hardware dialer – a physical, keyed, number pad dialer.

In response, the Tesira HD-1 Dialer was born. The Tesira HD-1 is an easily programmed dialer designed for any systems that integrate with VoIP or POTS, and was created to support all Tesira dialing functions while retaining the look and feel of a traditional enterprise desktop telephone keypad. This form factor provides familiarity to end users who are not comfortable with using digital devices to place calls. It is hardwired over Ethernet with PoE for power. There are no concerns about drained batteries or the need to upgrade to the latest version of software or firmware. Tesira Dialer’s unobtrusive design features one-cable installation and an LCD display, and looks great on a tabletop. This intuitive device requires zero learning curve to master, making it accessible to anyone who’s ever used a touch-tone telephone.


We created the Tesira Dialer to provide a simple, comfortable method of initiating phone calls – whether via VoIP or POTS – over a PoE Ethernet connection. The Dialer is another example of Biamp’s unmatched support and attention to customer feedback, and we’re thrilled to share it with you.