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Cable Management 101: Corralling the Chaos

A big tangle of cables in a meeting room wastes time, looks unsightly and can cause accidents. Here’s how to fix it. You walk into a conference room five minutes before your meeting’s scheduled start. Plenty of time to prepare and set things up, you think. But you forgot one small detail—the room is always…

The Importance of Audio in Collaboration Spaces

Why the audio experience is just as important as the visual experience when sharing important information. A collaboration space can be a classroom, lecture hall, auditorium, conference room or huddle room—essentially and space where collaborative learning, planning or brainstorming occur. When specifying equipment for a new collaboration space or a room that’s being upgraded, significant…

Eliminate AV Deployment Barriers with Biamp Launch

In today’s post-pandemic business world, AV technology plays a vital role. Although most employees have returned to the office, plenty of employers are combining the benefits of onsite and offsite work as they deem necessary. This has led to a global explosion of unified communications (UC) deployments. However, employers must ensure that their teams can…

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