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That’s Redundant!

Backup plans are important. While we’re confident Biamp products will work properly and we have a dedicated support team in place to ensure that they do, we recognize that sometimes things happen.

Decentralized Networked Media Systems

Each audio installation is unique, and different jobs require different solutions in order to meet the specific needs of a particular business or organization. When life safety paging is needed, a distributed Networked Media System is the best approach. Most public buildings, such as hospitals, universities, and some corporate offices, require some type of life…

You Asked, We Delivered

Using a professional, DSP-based audio system in conferencing is the best way to ensure that the verbal communication taking place in remote meetings is clear and intelligible and that no one has to strain to hear. Removing the speakerphone from the room, as well as using professional microphones and professional loudspeakers, are vital to this…

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