We designed our original Devio device to give people great web conferencing experiences. Since its debut, Devio has done just that, allowing modern workers to collaborate with their remote colleagues and hold ad-hoc meetings with ease. We’re pleased to announce two new additions to the Devio product family: the Devio SCR-20, and the Devio SCR-25, both of which made their debut at ISE 2018 last week.

Like their predecessor, the SCR-20 and SCR-25 both offer easy BYOD connectivity, in addition to making rooms with dedicated computers sound great. Devio includes patented Beamtracking™ microphones and professional grade DSP to optimize the audio quality and intelligently mix conversations from around the table, allowing everyone on the call to be heard.

As discussed in an earlier post, Beamtracking technology is different from beamforming; it allows a single microphone to cover a wide area with little to no setup. The microphone identifies and locks to a signal source, even if the person speaking is moving around. The patented interactions between our AEC algorithm and Beamtracking microphone technology dynamically adjust the output in real-time to ensure far-end echo is minimized.

Our new conferencing hubs improve upon the Devio CR-1. The Devio SCR-20 includes fully integrated HDMI audio, support for 4K30 HDMI output and HDCP 1.4, increased room design flexibility, and multiple software improvements. The Devio SCR-25 has all the capabilities of the SCR-20, and adds support for Bluetooth® wireless technology and a wired headset jack for VoIP/POTS handsets.

To support different room requirements, each Devio SCR-20 and SCR-25 conferencing hub is bundled with your choice of a Devio DTM-1 tabletop or DCM-1 ceiling microphone. Regardless of which model is right for a particular installation, you can continue to depend on Devio to give people the best conferencing experience possible.

Learn more about the latest Devio conferencing hubs here.