Every room tells a story, from the nicks and dents in the table, to the faded words on the whiteboard. Big rooms, small rooms, even that oddly-shaped room down the hall. The AV experience in each room plays a significant role in whether the story is merely good enough, or great. We think all of your conference rooms should tell great stories, where everyone on a call can be heard clearly. A Biamp room emphasizes the user experience—not just with the technology itself, but also with the way people interact with that technology. To support this goal, we’ve created all-digital audio solutions that are cost-effective, easy to program and install, and provide exceptional audio quality.

We’re pretty excited about our recently announced series of beamtracking™ ceiling microphones. No, “beamtracking” is not just a new buzzword—these microphones are different from (dare we say better than?) beamforming mics. While beamforming microphones were a positive development in terms of improving communication, the fact remains that the beams determine where people should be. We think that’s a little backwards. Instead, people should determine where the beams are directed. We wanted to give people the freedom to move around the room as they see fit, not as the microphone dictates.

Beamtracking microphones are the key to that freedom, because the microphone identifies and locks to a signal source—even if the person speaking decides to practice their dance moves in the middle of a call. They also intelligently mix conversations from around the table, allowing far-end conference participants to experience a more natural-sounding conversation. Go ahead and work on your choreography while you make your calls. Our beamtracking microphones aren’t programmed to judge you.

Our new PoE+ amplifier also makes a great addition to conference rooms and other spaces, and can be installed in the ceiling near the loudspeakers if desired. With burst technology built in, this amplifier can accommodate sudden increases in volume or activity. That means our amp won’t clip or shut down/reset when an overly enthusiastic participant suddenly yells during a conference call. Everyone works with someone like that. We understand.

Ultimately, we want people to have the most effective conferencing experience possible so they can focus on the topic, not the technology. We’re here to help you tell great stories.

Attending ISE 2018? Visit Biamp at Stand 3-B120 to hear these products in action and experience their full capabilities firsthand. We’ll be hosting live product demonstrations throughout the show.