Do you catch yourself using the same terms over and over again, as if you’re playing a game of AV/IT Bingo? Here are our top-five AV/IT terms, with a bit of a twist on the definitions. Enjoy!

Ethernet cable: Used to connect a variety of devices to a facility’s network. Can resemble a pile of tiny snakes if not organized in a tidy manner. Also works as a makeshift tourniquet in a pinch.


4K: 4K loosely describes the UHD image width (3840 pixels) or DCI 4K width (4096 pixels). Twice as awesome as 2K, half as awesome as 8K.

AVB: Audio Video Bridging. Designed to transport synchronized, low latency media streams over Ethernet networks. You can livestream a meeting into an overflow room, or catch up on your favorite cat videos. Cats own the internet, after all.

HDR: High Dynamic Range. A technique used to reproduce a greater dynamic range of luminosity, making images appear more photo-realistic. Kind of like photos in the Harry Potter universe, albeit slightly less magical.

Gremlin: Ever have something unexplainable happen during an installation? AV gremlins may be to blame. Next time, consider leaving them a treat.

It’s hard to win at Bingo if you don’t have a card, so we decided to make one for you! Some of the squares are versatile. For example, “table” could refer to a conference table, a graph, or a motion to discontinue discussion of a particular topic until a later date. There are no rules to AV/IT Bingo. Print out this card for a fun break during your next installation, conference call, or vendor meeting (extra points if you get a blackout bingo), and let us know if any of your frequently-used terms are missing.