Every audio installation is unique. Even seemingly identical lecture halls or convention center spaces can have minor variations that necessitate different forms of amplification. That’s why we offer four different models of Tesira amplifiers, including 4-channel and 8-channel models, as well as different power outputs, to suit a wide variety of sound reinforcement scenarios. Tesira amplifiers are designed for sound reinforcement – such as a university lecture classroom, a small performing arts venue, or a house of worship. Tesira amplifiers offer greater flexibility in sound reinforcement and distribution because they can receive a signal from anywhere in the AVB/TSN audio network, and because they can be configured, controlled, and monitored using Tesira software. Advanced capabilities within Tesira software like automixers and dynamic processing eliminate the need for manual adjustment of these rooms.

One of the benefits of a networked media system is the flexibility that comes with digital transmission on Ethernet cables. A Tesira amplifier is a great fit for a corporate auditorium in which it is providing the power for the sound reinforcement in that environment. However, if a campus-wide event is being distributed to multiple locations, including that auditorium, routing the audio from the event to the Tesira amplifier is powerfully easy. AVB/TSN networking means that any Tesira amplifier can receive signal from any location in the same system with elegant and simple routing, without the need for analog breakout boxes – the amps are already integrated endpoints.

A university could use a single Tesira amplifier for sound reinforcement in multiple lecture halls, if those lecture halls are located in close proximity to each other. This shared resource cuts the cost of an audio system, and because it is part of an overall Tesira system, all the audio processing is routed to the server for processing via an Ethernet cable. The Tesira amplifiers have an optional I/O slot that can be used for analog failover for the digital input. If preferred, that I/O slot can be used as an expander instead, eliminating the possible need to purchase an additional expander. This is another cost savings to the overall networked media system.

While choosing the right amplifier for your audio installation depends on the rooms involved and the scope of the project, we’ve got flexible options to meet your needs.