One of the potential challenges in designing a networked audio system is that using equipment from multiple manufacturers tends to be more time consuming. In an installation that includes devices from several different providers, you lack the ability to configure and commission the entire system from one platform. That’s about to get easier.

With the introduction of Tesira amplifiers, you can create a more complete networked audio system that can be designed and commissioned from a single software platform. Because the Tesira software is so intuitive, adding amplifier blocks to a design file is a simple drag-and-drop operation. Best of all, you’re probably already familiar with Tesira software, so there’s no learning curve involved.

Tesira software provides real-time monitoring and information on Tesira amplifiers. This gives you the added benefit of overseeing the entire system throughout installation and commissioning, as well as during routine maintenance phases for the life of the system. For added convenience, Tesira amplifiers feature a front panel display with capacitive touch buttons that allow you to perform common adjustments and receive quick feedback on the individual channels and the overall unit.

Available in four different models to suit a variety of scenarios, Tesira amplifiers serve as dedicated endpoints, making installations easier to support and maintain. Each 4 channel model supports one optional expansion card, while the 8 channel AMP-8150R supports up to two expansion cards. You can choose whether to designate these expansion slots to function as a Tesira expander or as analog failover. The cards can also be configured so that a portion of the I/O card is analog failover and other I/O act as an expander – on the same card.

Tesira amplifiers give you the convenience of using a single platform throughout the networked audio system, combined with the legendary Biamp support and quality you trust. Tesira is our flagship audio platform, and that’s why we’re bringing it one step closer to a complete end-to-end solution.