Like Tesira amplifiers, our Vocia amplifiers are available in multiple power configurations and models to suit your needs. In an installation that involves long loudspeaker runs, such as a medical facility or a shopping mall, constant voltage (CV) amplifiers are a great choice.

Constant voltage amplifiers are designed to get power to lots of loudspeakers, allowing you to run speaker cabling much longer distances than low impedance systems permit, and allows for simplified wiring. Higher voltage equals lower power loss, therefore by stepping up the voltage at the amplifier and stepping it back down at the loudspeakers, you can use smaller-gauge speaker cabling and still achieve greater distances. With a CV speaker line, a single amplifier channel can service multiple acoustical spaces with different sound pressure level requirements.

Typical constant voltage systems are 70 Volts in the U.S., and 100 Volts in Europe and elsewhere. Vocia amplifiers support both these voltages with no extra wiring of transformers required; it’s all configured inside the amplifier.

Another benefit of constant voltage systems is that a single amplifier channel can service multiple acoustical spaces that have different sound pressure level (SPL) requirements. This is made possible by tapping loudspeakers at various power ratings as they’re stepped back down from the speaker line. In addition, CV amplifiers allow a greater number of loudspeakers compared to non-CV amplifiers, which allows for easy system expansion when the time comes. For more information, check out our constant voltage article on Cornerstone.