The rapid adoption of open-plan offices, in combination with an increasingly geographically dispersed workforce, is driving the need for informal spaces that offer privacy for effective collaboration. Though small, huddle rooms are plentiful and typically involve BYOD, which in turn requires a conferencing solution that combines excellent audio quality with effortless connectivity, and must also be easy to operate.

Used in concert with web-based conferencing systems, Devio® is a cost-effective, uncomplicated USB audio interface that provides users with exceptional AV experiences. Devio supports a variety of room designs for computer-based conferencing in small conference rooms and huddle spaces, including a BYOD approach, connection via a dedicated in-room PC, and more.

As we discussed in a previous post, the Devio SCR-20 and SCR-25 conferencing hubs incorporate several sophisticated conferencing features into a small form factor. Options for speaker connectivity include HDMI® audio, a built-in 20W amplifier, or RCA line-out. The SCR-25 model adds a headset jack for VoIP handsets and Bluetooth® wireless technology for wireless device audio support. Devio SCR-20 and SCR-25 models are now shipping. Contact your Biamp sales representative to learn more.