Offering a wide range of loudspeaker solutions for indoor and outdoor spaces of all sizes, Biamp’s Community line has been shaping the industry since 1968, ensuring that regardless of the venue, every seat is the best seat.

Sports Venue/Weather-Resistant Solutions 

Our loudspeakers created specifically for sports venues and outdoor spaces provide high fidelity, full-range performance, even in extreme weather conditions.

The high output R SERIES provides unparalleled musicality and superior voice projection in a weather-resistant package for football, baseball, and soccer stadiums. These horn-loaded loudspeakers provide excellent pattern control, making them ideal for environments with difficult acoustics such as gymnasiums, natatoriums, and indoor sports arenas; the W SERIES, meanwhile, enables flat response in nearfield or distributed premium music applications, and is the optimal choice for amusement parks, cruise ships, and water parks. 

For outdoor venues requiring enhanced weather resistance, I SERIES WR offers a wide selection of high-performance modular loudspeaker systems, enabling exceptional flexibility and discreet styling. Housed in weather-resistant enclosures constructed of fiberglass-reinforced high strength composite PolyGlas™, the I SERIES WR is built to last.

Distributed Sound Reinforcement 

Designed for high-quality sound with wide, uniform coverage, our D SERIES includes ceiling, surface mount, and pendant loudspeakers with time-saving installation features; consistent dispersion; very low distortion; and outstanding speech intelligibility. D SERIES excels in convention centers, ballrooms, airports, retail spaces, and any distributed application.

Indoor Sound Reinforcement 

Engineered for houses of worship, auditoriums, and theaters, the E SERIES provides optimized speech intelligibility and natural indoor sound reinforcement, even in difficult acoustic environments.  Two-way and three-way models deliver musicality, high output capabilities, and the option to precisely direct sound where it’s needed.

The V SERIES includes small-format enclosures for distributed systems and ancillary delay applications up to moderately sized three-way systems for demanding front-of-house requirements. Designed for a variety of installed sound reinforcement and playback applications, V SERIES is a cost-effective loudspeaker lineup offering great musical sound quality, high intelligibility, and uniform voicing.

Engineered for musical quality and vocal clarity, the I SERIES is comprised of high output modular loudspeakers that allow designers, integrators, and consultants to implement superior solutions for professional and commercial venues. I SERIES includes the IV6 modular vertical array, scalable to any sized venue; medium-to-large format point-source loudspeakers and subwoofers featuring front-loaded woofers and large constant directivity horns; and compact models with best-in-class LF extension and sensitivity.

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