While remote working has become increasingly commonplace in the modern workspace, the last month has made it a necessity for many of us; and since we’re all in the same boat, we need to find solutions that not only maximize our own productivity, but that ensure our team is supported as well.

Here are three pointers that can help you and your coworkers get the most out of our current remote working reality:


Trying to operate as though it’s “business as usual” will likely lead to frustration. It’s not just OK to admit that our current situation is unprecedented: it’s essential. As you and your coworkers become more comfortable working from home, the team can begin developing solutions suited for the new normal. Steelcase, a leader in best working practices, recommends “channels for formal and informal communication…digital tools to make thinking visible across team members to keep everyone aware of what’s happening, (and) a quick standup video meeting each day to create alignment.”


Change is good when it comes to remote working methods; but certain practices are evergreen whether in the office or at your kitchen table. While it may be tempting to indulge in classic WFH perks like sleeping in, Forbes advises workers to “set a work schedule for yourself and stick to it. Try to wake up at the same time every day and treat weekdays just as you did before. For most people, the morning is the time to get serious work done, so try to complete any difficult tasks as early in the day as you can.”

Forbes also advocates for setting boundaries at home, designating certain times and spaces for work. “Give your family signals as to when to leave you alone. For example, when the door is closed, that means that dad is on a conference call and doesn’t want to be disturbed.”


We’ve covered a few ways to enhance your remote working experience; but equally important is maintaining the camaraderie between you and your coworkers. Since cubicle pop-ins and in-person team lunches are on hold for the time being, finding new ways to stay connected is essential. Consider hosting virtual coffee breaks or happy hours that allow you to catch up on what people have been watching, any new recipes they’ve tried, and other non-work-related topics that you’d bring up in the breakroom. We’re all in this together, a maxim that not only applies to teamwork, but team play as well.