Have you ever attended a live event that’s going great until it gets to the Q&A section? The proceedings come to a grinding halt as assistants rush around the room with wireless mics for attendees, or as audience members gradually line up at stationary microphones placed throughout the room.

As part of our dedication to relentless innovation and to avoid these kinds of disruptions, we developed Crowd Mics, our revolutionary audience engagement solution that turns anyone’s smartphone into a wireless microphone. Crowd Mics is perfect for the participants and moderators of presentations, lectures, panel discussions, and similar events.

Many of these events involve remote participants of some kind, whether it’s an overflow room for a keynote presentation, or a multi-office company meeting. We recognized that these distance attendees deserve a voice too and should be able to participate and ask questions as if they were in the same room as the local audience. To support them, earlier this month we launched Crowd Mics Online.

Crowd Mics Online elevates local events to a global stage, enabling remote attendees to enjoy the same real-time participation options as those in the room…whether they’re across the hall or on the other side of the world. Crowd Mics Online provides all participants – both local and remote – with the same ways to interact: by using their smartphone as a personal mic and enabling the means to text questions to the moderator and take part in audience polling.

As with the original version, event moderators maintain full control over the proceedings, deciding who speaks and when to turn off attendee mics. Additionally, Crowd Mics Online also works in parallel with UC meetings to add remote voice capabilities and interactive polling without the need to join a meeting individually.

Don’t let distance define your audience. With Crowd Mics Online, you can speak directly to the people most passionate about your message and hear what they have to say in turn…no matter where they may be.

Visit crowdmics.com/crowdmics-online to learn more.