While there’s much uncertainty in the world right now, one thing we can still depend upon is the need for high quality audio. Whether superior sound reinforcement in contactless classrooms, background music at outdoor restaurants, or voice clarity in houses of worship, Biamp has an audio solution that meets the needs of every establishment.

Our complete loudspeaker portfolio includes over 250 models with 471 SKU’s, comprising all color offerings and weather-resistant versions. From our compact 3-inch surface mount loudspeaker to our large format 37-inch high output, arrayable point source model, size, product type, and SPL level are just a few of the features that distinguish the robust variety of loudspeakers from Biamp.

Below is an overview of the top applications for which Biamp loudspeakers provide an extraordinary listening experience:


With new social distancing guidelines in effect, modern learning environment requirements have changed; but the need to keep students engaged remains a top concern for educators and IT managers alike. Designed for efficient installation and easy deployment, Biamp products overcome traditional challenges posed by dispersed and variable classrooms, schools, and campuses.

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Although online commerce continues to grow in popularity, many consumers still prefer in-person shopping at brick-and-mortar locations. Complementary background music can have a big effect on the bottom lines of these stores, serving to enhance the overall shopping experience for customers. Biamp’s loudspeaker options deliver superior music reproduction that reflects and reinforces brands, while also being designed for intuitive use by all staff members.  

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While hotels, outdoor resorts, and bars have a variety of different acoustical needs, they all have the same goals in mind: to provide patrons with a comfortable atmosphere. Biamp solutions allow staff to serve multiple floors, dozens of rooms, and large common areas while preventing noise from common areas and lobbies from disturbing guests.

Augment ambiance in hospitality establishments with these audio solutions.


Now more than ever, it’s essential that restaurant owners provide dining experiences that keep customers coming back for more. Biamp’s expansive loudspeaker solution options enable clear background music reproduction that adds to a restaurant’s overarching theme without ever overpowering the main course.  

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Religious leaders have the ongoing task of delivering highly intelligible messages to their congregations. Sound system designs require that visual elements should not detract from the clergy’s focus on worship. The sleek, architectural design of Biamp’s column line source loudspeakers are sure to deliver clear, powerful messages while remaining unobtrusive. 

Visit here for Biamp’s full portfolio of loudspeakers for Houses of Worship. 


Outdoor environments like sports venues, amusement parks, and open-air music venues are uniquely challenging environments for sound system designers and installers, as they require hardware that can withstand the elements. Biamp weather-resistant loudspeakers are equipped with all the necessary features for ensuring maximum audio quality and integrity in outdoor establishments.

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Our regional sales managers are available to help determine which loudspeaker solution will exceed the acoustical requirements. Contact them today!