At Biamp, we’re committed to providing customers with innovative audiovisual solutions produced at the highest quality within the industry. To provide this level of service, we strive to empower our team members to do work that is both enriching and challenging.

Today we’re sharing 3 of our employees’ stories to better understand what drives their passions at Biamp and how they, in turn, create products that enable clients to enjoy the superior results.


Anyone can create technology, but it takes a great team who continually challenge each other to develop tomorrow’s solutions. “I have the pleasure of working with talented, inspiring people every day who share the same passion about state-of-the-art audiovisual products; that alone is pretty cool,” said Marco Hendel regarding his role as applications engineer. Elaborating on his team, he explains “While every one of us has their own little quirks and habits, the collective experience across the team, which isn’t limited to work-related matters, is staggering.”

Marco Hendel, Applications Engineer

Senior Acoustics Software Engineer Xian Yu describes the dual nature of her work as a source of professional fulfillment. “My job requires expertise from multiple disciplines: acoustics, digital signal processing, and software engineering. But the biggest challenges are also the greatest source of excitement to me, allowing me to deepen my knowledge with each discipline.” As for Field Sales Engineer Andrew Mohammed, job satisfaction boils down to “high quality products that help people communicate easier, and like-minded coworkers that make working here enjoyable.”


We believe in a world where people can easily and naturally connect, collaborate, and create – and our work environment reflects that. “Every day there is something new to learn about and understand,” said Andrew about his day-to-day experiences at Biamp, a sentiment shared by Marco. “In my role at Biamp I help customers overcome challenges and solve problems, and sometimes you must be creative to fulfill your customer’s needs,” he said. “It’s satisfying to see a technical concept work as well in reality as it did on paper.”

 Along with our drive to deliver superior solutions, we place a strong value on teamwork and promote cross-departmental collaboration . “I can dedicate myself to acoustic software development work, which I have passion for,” Xian said. “Thanks to the collaboration of our project management, HR, and IT department, I can be worry-free.”

Xian Yu, Senior Acoustics Software Engineer


Ultimately, it’s the combination of people and process that make Biamp a place where innovation flourishes. “I believe there’s a great culture at Biamp where everyone wants to provide what is best for the customer while still enjoying life at the same time,” Andrew said. Marco agreed, noting “the AV industry is a place where a lot of innovation is happening right now to accommodate a fast-growing, demanding market. And at Biamp, one can be part of this in an impressively professional, but enjoyable environment.”

If you’re looking for a fun, fast-paced, and engaging workplace, we’ve got you covered. To learn more about our company culture and open positions, click here.