Ensuring the safety of both workers and patients within healthcare environments is a concern under normal circumstances; but as COVID-19 infection rates remain at alarmingly high levels around the world, the need to maintain safe distances while treating patients and protecting their private health information is essential.

Biamp’s extraordinary voice communication, sound masking, and conferencing products work to create spaces conducive to the needs of practitioners and patients alike. Below are three solutions that work to enhance both public and private healthcare environments:


A major component for keeping people safe in hospitals is communication. Ensuring systems are in place for making announcements and delivering emergency alerts, both on a campus-wide scale or merely to certain areas, lets both patients sitting in waiting rooms and doctors and nurses working in back offices hear the same thing, at the same time, with the same high-quality sound.

Our Vocia VCS solution allows for that high level of functionality, providing administrators with zoned paging options that result in maximum flexibility. Much more than just a paging system, Vocia is the gold standard for superior dependability, unparalleled scalability, and exceptional audio quality. Equally adept at servicing a specific area, a single building, an entire campus, or a multi-location enterprise, Vocia can be configured to solve healthcare providers’ most critical voice communication needs.


An area of healthcare that was experiencing exponential growth before the Coronavirus outbreak, the need for telehealth (or telemedicine) services has only expanded since the beginning of 2020. Allowing doctors to examine and speak with patients remotely via video conferencing, the increasing necessity of telehealth demands that the right solutions are in place to guarantee to clearest communication possible.

With a single USB connection, Devio, our collaboration solution for smaller spaces, can connect a provider’s laptop to the technology in a meeting or conference room, providing instant access to its displays, speakers, microphone, webcam, and other tools. Coupled with our award-winning line of Parlé low-profile microphones, which provide 360° of coverage thanks to our revolutionary Beamtracking technology, Devio’s intuitive design allows practitioners to fully focus on the patient, not the technology.


Even with heightened levels of social distancing, voices carry. In healthcare environments, especially public-facing areas like patient registration desks, waiting rooms, and pharmacy counters, the risk of unintentionally overhearing private patient information (or having your own sensitive details divulged) is constant. HIPAA violations like these don’t just put patients in a vulnerable position; providers can receive seriously expensive fines for exposing patient information, regardless of whether or not doing so was accidental.

Fortunately, Biamp’s Cambridge line of sound masking products create spaces that ensure confidential conversations stay that way. Designed to increase both privacy and comfort, Biamp’s sound masking products drastically reduce noise distractions and obscure confidential speech. Additionally, healthcare facilities that employ sound masking have obtained significant increases in HCAHPS scores, denoting high levels of patient comfort and satisfaction.

As we continue exploring new approaches to stopping the spread of COVID, having technology in place that supports the proven methods while also possessing the versatility to change with your needs is imperative. Regardless of whether a healthcare environment is large or small, or appointments are held in-person or remotely, the solutions described above provide both the reliability and versatility that help keep everyone safe.