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Extraordinary Measures: Healthcare Communication During COVID-19

Ensuring the safety of both workers and patients within healthcare environments is a concern under normal circumstances; but as COVID-19 infection rates remain at alarmingly high levels around the world, the need to maintain safe distances while treating patients and protecting their private health information is essential. Biamp’s extraordinary voice communication, sound masking, and conferencing…

HiMSS 2012 – Don’t Forget About Patient Care

Today as the first day of the 2012 HiMSS Conference opens in Las Vegas, there is the usual buzz around the latest EHR/EMR software and Medicaid/Medicare incentives. With good reason – the healthcare industry is in the midst of a massive change that promises to radically impact business, especially IT, for any size practice and…

Why Zoned Communication is Vital to Healthcare IT

Every hospital IT manager or CIO says the same thing these days: that they’re trying to do more with less. Whether it’s due to reduced staff, trimmed budgets or old/damaged equipment that can’t be repaired or replaced, there always is more to do and less resources available to do it. Indeed, one healthcare IT professional…

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