Depending on the specifications of the room, different ceiling microphones will offer the best solution. For example, the cardiod microphone has a pickup pattern of 120°. This means it picks up sounds in front of it and on all sides, making it ideal for average- to low-ceilinged rooms. As mentioned in our room acoustics post, room acoustics also need to be taken into consideration here.

Biamp Cardiod Microphone

Biamp Cardiod Microphone Pickup Pattern

The supercardioid mic has a tighter pickup pattern of 90°, making it better for rooms with higher ceilings. Again, the make-up of each individual room (concrete floors, lots of windows, etc.) will have a strong impact on which mic offers the best solution.

Biamp Supercardiod Microphone

Biamp Supercardiod Microphone Pickup Pattern

The next time you spec microphones as part of a project bid–regardless of whether they’re ceiling mics or table mics–be sure you differentiate between the different kinds of microphones available to you, and that will provide the best solution for the specific space(s) you’re working with.