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Biamp’s revolutionary Audia® Digital Audio Platform seamlessly integrates powerful hardware and intelligent software for unheard of design and networking potential.

Long Beach Courthouse Installation

With its long lines and crowded waiting rooms, Governor George Deukmejian Courthouse in Long Beach, California, was known for inefficiency. In addition, the structure was deemed unsafe due to faulty equipment and lack of proper earthquake protection. After operating for more than 50 years, the facility was in need of an upgrade in order to…

Do You Know Your Automixer Basics?

Here’s a slice of audio insight from our featured Cornerstone article of the week: Automixer Basics. Let’s go over the benefits of using automatic mixers (automixers), some of the issues that can arise when you don’t, and then a peek at an automixer control block diagram for Audia and Nexia products. 3 Key Benefits of…

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