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Biamp’s revolutionary Audia® Digital Audio Platform seamlessly integrates powerful hardware and intelligent software for unheard of design and networking potential.

5 Ways to Correct Bad Mix-Minus

When I started my career in the audio industry, believe it or not we used analog electronics to implement mix-minus systems.  We painstakingly mixed phase-inverted microphone signals into the overall mix (thus the ‘minus’) at different ratios, delicately tweaking potentiometers for hours to get larger systems sounding just right.  It was a labor of love,…

Biamp Offers a More Complete Solution with Ceiling Mics

Assuming I’m one of the first people you’ll hear this from, I’ll start from the beginning. Biamp now sells ceiling microphones. In response to customer requests for a more complete audio solution, we’ve added two Biamp-branded microphones to our product line: the CM1-6W and CM1-6WS. If you’re here at InfoComm 2013 in Orlando, stop by…

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