In hospitality and educational facilities, AV systems often make use of wall plates located throughout a building. While Tesira has always been capable of connecting audio to and from these wall plates, many of our customers have asked for a way to provide control via wall plates. To accommodate this function, Biamp has partnered with Attero Tech to offer connection and control of wall plates from within the Tesira software. As part of this collaboration, Attero Tech has released a line of Dante™-enabled wall plates specifically designed for Tesira. These wall plates are designated with a “-B” at the end of the product type, which identifies a particular plate as the Biamp version. Plates are available for control in Tesira version 3.4 and later, with two color options (black and white) available per plate. Biamp versions of the following Dante-enabled wall plate models are available:

  • unDX210+-B, which features 2 XLR inputs, 2 XLR outputs, and 2 line inputs;
  • unDX4I-B, which features 4 XLR inputs and 2 line outputs
  • unDX610-B, which features 2 XLR inputs, 2 RCA or 3.5mm inputs, two 3.5mm outputs, and 2 line outputs


Tesira 3.4 software will enable customers to control audio input signal types, mute state, volume level, inversion state, and source selection for each of the Tesira Attero Tech wall plates. In addition, the platform features a new locate function, which allows support personnel to identify the location of a specific wall plate through the default monitoring function in the Tesira software.

These wall plates also include several operational features. Because Tesira software controls the wall plates, it can act as a single point of connection for third party control systems. This added level of control and third-party integration is just another example of Tesira’s power and flexibility, as well as Biamp’s ongoing commitment to customer service.

Check out the video below for an overview of these wall plates.

For additional details about available wall plates and their capabilities, click here.