Most commercial audio equipment designers and manufacturers don’t have this. It makes sense that Biamp would though, because we do things a little differently here.

What are we talking about?

Our 5-year equipment warranty, of course.

Every company wants to differentiate themselves from their competitors in some way. Some companies go with mascots, catchy jingles, or trend-setting advertisements. Us? Well, we thought about it, and after a little research we landed on a single industry-leading differentiator: customer-centrism.

Biamp has been cultivating a culture of customer-centrism for the past 35 years. Our 5-year equipment warranty is proof that we not only believe in our products, but that we can back them up.

How? Because we know exactly what goes into each unit we ship.

All of our DSP products are manufactured in-house. No, really. Biamp has manufacturing operations (from chassis design/build, to systems assembly, quality assurance, and shipping) under the same roof as our engineering, administration, sales, marketing, service, and executive departments. Because many of our systems are highly customized to the individual needs of the customer, and we typically deliver systems within three days (you read that right, just three days!), it’s very important for us, necessary even, to have full control over our manufacturing.

In addition to an in-house, quality-monitored and assured manufacturing process, our global Service Department is in-house too. Made up of only three people, you might think that’s too few to repair units sold worldwide. But with less than 1% of our sold units needing repair each year, they’ve got just enough work to keep them busy. Oh, and the units we’re servicing go back 10 years or more. Even though we have a 5-year warranty, we still don’t see that many returns. (We’re not bragging. It’s just true!)

Our 5-year warranty is for our customers. It lets them know that we believe in our products and will support them through every kind of problem they may encounter. Whether it be ladybug infestations (true story), water damage (also true), or lightning strikes (yep), Biamp has you covered. With a repair turnaround time averaging 3-4 days (depending on the problem), we think we’ve invested well in our process, employees, and most importantly, our customers.