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Introducing TesiraLUX

The question is a common one: “where’s the V in AVB?” It’s a little-known fact that Biamp has been working to create a video product for the last several years. Biamp didn’t decide to develop video capabilities simply because we could; our customers were asking for it. Our commitment to customers is evident in our laser-focus on needs-based product development.

All About Beamforming Technology

People tend to talk over each other, whether they’re in the office or at the dinner table. It’s an unfortunate fact of life. While this tendency is merely annoying if all involved parties are assembled in the same room, it can spell disaster for participants who are calling in from a remote location.

Centralized Networked Media Systems

The digital revolution in audio happened slowly. Digital devices replaced analog gear (single devices that performed one function); however, the digital devices remained single devices that performed one process, just in the digital domain. Years passed before industry professionals began to make single devices that could perform multiple digital processes. Networks of digital devices soon…

When Should You Use Shielded vs. Unshielded Ethernet Cable?

The core job of DSP is to process signals. In some cases, it’s adding or subtracting from the amplitude. In other cases, it’s enhancing or suppressing parts of the frequency response, and many DSPs are excellent for reducing and/or eliminating noise from the source signal. Unfortunately, the “Garbage In-Garbage Out” theory applies to AV signals:…

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