Biamp is a collaborative company. We value people, and we recognize each person’s contribution to making us shine. Members of Biamp’s Training, Applications Engineering, and Customer Service departments interact directly with our customers. There is much crossover between these interconnected departments, though the groups perform different functions. Applications Engineers provide pre- and post-sales support for our products, our Training staff educates customers on proper product use, and Customer Service representatives process and manage customers’ orders. However, when a customer calls in for assistance, our Applications Engineers are not only helping, they are teaching the customer how to address the problem at hand, thereby providing training that can help the customer troubleshoot the issue if it reemerges in the future. At the same time, a person who attends one of our training classes gains a deeper understanding of the product, which is beneficial to the Applications Engineers if that person encounters a problem and needs to call for assistance. These departments share a common overall goal: to make all customer interactions with Biamp painless and fun. That’s our customer experience philosophy.

Each department plays a vital role in the overall customer experience. Our business is not built on point-and-click orders that are shipped from a remote warehouse and arrive on the customer’s doorstep a few days later. Because Biamp’s products are so complex and customizable, the order process begins with a customer service representative determining the configuration of units and working with the customer to establish an appropriate ship date. Every order involves direct interaction with a human being who can evaluate the customer’s individual needs and determine the best solution. We look at a particular scenario and make decisions based on our knowledge and best judgment.

We provide all of our customers with top-notch service and treat every customer like he or she is our favorite, because they are all our favorites.
KILEY HENNER, Director of Customer Experience

We provide all of our customers with top-notch service and treat every customer like he or she is our favorite, because they are all our favorites. The customer experience hinges on meeting specific needs. That’s our mantra and focus; that’s the culture we continue to foster and cultivate. At Biamp, we feel that our customer-focused business model is one of our major differentiators. You get through to real people who provide effective answers and assistance and genuinely care about helping you. Support may not be a visible part of the DSP boxes shipped to customers, but it is the key to Biamp’s product offering. We provide a package of experiences that complement the actual piece of hardware.

At Biamp, we recognize the importance and value of prioritizing the customer experience. It’s why our customers truly enjoy doing business with us, and why they keep coming back.