Convention halls are multi-use facilities capable of hosting thousands of people for a wide variety of events, everything from political rallies to dog shows to craft fairs. Most of these facilities are huge, allowing major gatherings to be scheduled concurrently.


In a large facility like a Convention Hall, a Networked Media System can run multiple solutions at the same time, keeping pace with demanding event schedules and a constantly changing environment.

Made possible by Audio Video Bridging (AVB), Tesira is your hub for all conferencing, sound reinforcement, and general audio needs for the entire Convention Hall. Tesira features room combining capabilities, as well as acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) at all end-points, and supports multiple transport platforms. In this example, Tesira manages the audio systems in the ballrooms and exhibit halls, and also facilitates cross-platform communication with Vocia.

Paging or mass notification is required for most public buildings, and Vocia functions as the hub for all paging and emergency support needs. Vocia includes standard paging and critical paging in a single platform, as well as redundancy and loudspeaker monitoring. By integrating paging with ambient noise compensation, volume can adjust automatically to the space’s ambient sounds at any given time, ensuring that pages are always audible and intelligible.

In this Convention Hall scenario, modular spaces like exhibit halls and ballrooms support a variety of activities. Tesira and Vocia work in tandem to provide unmatched audio while leveraging hardware across platforms, creating a cohesive event experience for all attendees. The system is expandable, with easy upgrades and hardware replacements that don’t compromise functionality.


Download a copy of this Convention Center design guide. Stay tuned to Component for future system design guides.