Since the release of TesiraFORTÉ, Nexia has a new place in the Biamp product family, and there have been some questions about when you’d choose Nexia, and when you’d choose TesiraFORTÉ.

We’re referring to Nexia as our basic DSP. Just to be clear, “basic” for Biamp means “at least powerful enough to do everything for a single room,” which is what the Nexia platform of DSPs does: videoconferencing, teleconferencing, speaker processing, multimedia presentation, and sound reinforcement.

With that in mind, here are five key features and benefits of a Nexia solution that might make it more cost-effective to your client than a TesiraFORTÉ solution:

1) No Certification or Training Required

The overall cost to the integrator is lower because they don’t have to devote time to obtaining a certification before being able to purchase the equipment and begin installation. But we still strongly recommend taking advantage of our online Nexia classes, and the technical information available on Cornerstone.

2) Fewer I/O Channels

Nexia DSPs have a small-moderate channel count when compared with those of our Audia and Tesira platforms. If the customer only needs 4 x 8 channels of audio, for example, and anything else would be overkill, then that’s all they pay for. (That would be a Nexia SP, by the way.) We believe in giving our integrators options for every installation, environment, and price point. We also believe in providing end user solutions that give them everything they need, and nothing they don’t, without having to pay a premium.

3) New Competitive Position

In today’s audio marketplace, there is no DSP with a better quality-to-price ratio. Comparable products have more limited DSP capabilities and reduced audio quality.

4) Default Configuration File Makes It Plug and Play

Assuming the default configuration file fits the needs of the installation, you can immediately start setting levels for the room, and away you go. There’s no configuring or designing required, unless the end user needs a customized control screen.

5) Runs daVinci Control Software

Packed with a full set of sophisticated audio design tools, daVinci software allows end users to take advantage of customized computer control screens.

So, if your customer needs an audio solution that:

  • requires a small–moderate channel count,
  • has proven processing capabilities,
  • includes robust functionality,
  • doesn’t need digital audio signal networking,
  • and all at a competitive cost,

then Nexia is an ideal DSP choice. As I said earlier, Nexia can do everything for a single room. That includes huddle rooms at a university library, laboratories in a research facility, or conference rooms in a corporate office (like ours).

For more complex installations, check out our Audia and Tesira platforms for solutions.