Over the last few weeks we’ve asked our trainees here in Beaverton what they’d like from Biamp for Christmas. Here’s a selection of their Wish List:

  • Nexia-sized Tesira
  • Quieter fans in the DSPs
  • I/O blocks with meters
  • Mobile app interfaces
  • VoIP card in a self-contained box
  • Tech support genie
  • Updated volume controls
  • Control surface that looks like a sound board

We’ve already kind of brought you the tech support genie. Now, you can’t rub a lamp and magically make a Biamp applications engineer appear, but you can take advantage of our Professional Services Program AND access 24/7 support on Cornerstone–our technical support knowledgebase.

While we can’t promise that Santa will bring you the things on this list, we’re very grateful for your willingness to tell us of opportunities where we can better support you.