With so many booths to visit and new products to explore, ISE can be overwhelming. It can take days to process everything you experienced, and that doesn’t even include time spent recovering from jet lag. We’re here to make it easy sorting through the clutter.

While it seems like everyone has an audio DSP or video-over-IP solution, there are still a few important attributes that separate Tesira from the competitive landscape. Chief among those is that Tesira is the world’s only fully integrated networked audio and video platform. It’s true! With the introduction of TesiraLUX for delivering 4K video over your network, Tesira supports both audio and video on a single platform, in a single software environment. No breakout boxes, no third-party controllers. Here are some of the other features of Tesira you should consider for your next project:

      • Shared DSP means never buying more processing power than you actually need
      • Single design software environment eliminates the need to learn additional software programs or find workarounds to force compatibility between products from multiple manufacturers
      • Compilation engine that automatically translates your design into device-specific information, saving you time and headaches
      • Architectural flexibility that allows you to design an audio system exactly the way you want to, while meeting each installation’s (and system architect’s) unique requirements
      • Scalability that makes it easy to add new endpoints or additional DSP without having to redesign from scratch
      • Guaranteed system transit latency and precise time synchronization for automated lip sync management
      • Bandwidth reservation and automated QoS setup to prevent traffic flooding

In addition to saving you time and resources, all Tesira devices include the reliability you trust, backed by Biamp’s five-year warranty and pre- and post-purchase assistance from our legendary support team. What could be better than that?*

*Well, maybe a lifetime supply of ice cream, but ice cream can’t be transported over the network. Yet.