In large public facilities like airports, hospitals, and corporate campuses, system monitoring is a vital tool for ensuring that paging equipment is functioning as expected. Vocia combines two modes of operation – Public Address (PA) and Voice Alarm (VA).

General system monitoring is available at all times, and it reports on system health, including path faults and the ability for the system to deliver its programmed functions properly. All Vocia devices that are designated to perform emergency paging functions have additional monitoring and redundancy capabilities, including monitoring audio signal integrity from the mic capsule to the end of the speaker line.

Vocia monitors and logs any issues, which can be reported via email or to a building management system. Any issues will be triaged using the building management process designated by facility managers or emergency staff. For example, if a minor fault occurs, the Vocia system will alert building management staff in the onsite control room. However, if an emergency fault occurs, the system will alert emergency personnel.

Vocia also supports system monitoring of associated ancillary devices such as Ethernet switches and power supply units. With Vocia’s system monitoring functions, you can leverage common Ethernet infrastructure to provide redundancy. One of Vocia’s coolest features is its ability to leverage the existing network infrastructure in a building or on a campus. If required by local regulations, Vocia can also run on dedicated infrastructure.

Vocia hardware is role-based, and all devices are self-aware. Once a system is configured and deployed, you can install any replacement Vocia device, as long as you match the hardware ID. Then that device will take on the designated role. A staff technician can perform hardware swap-outs on damaged or malfunctioning equipment without calling a more experienced expert to the site.

System monitoring is an important feature, particularly because many countries and municipalities have specific standards with which public buildings must comply. System faults and path faults must be reported clearly, and hardware must be designed in a redundant manner to ensure proper functionality at all times. The safety of facility employees and visitors depends on this.

Along with its advanced system monitoring features, Vocia’s reliability and flexibility make it an excellent choice for venues or campuses that incorporate mass notification requirements.