Most hotels and hospitality facilities feature onsite lounges, restaurants, ballrooms, and gathering spaces that require background music and other audio. In addition, hospitality staff must be able to communicate effectively with guests in the event of an emergency. Biamp offers numerous solutions for background music and ballroom sound reinforcement, as well as support for emergency communications. In large hotel structures and resort properties, a Networked Media System can run several solutions simultaneously, keeping pace with rapidly changing business needs and allowing the hotel or resort to accommodate different types of events.

In this hospitality scenario, common areas, meeting rooms, and designated employee zones require different audio capabilities. Tesira and Vocia work in tandem to provide unmatched networked audio while leveraging hardware across platforms. The system is expandable, with easy upgrades and hardware replacements that don’t compromise functionality. Networked Media Systems are designed to maximize resources across the network while simplifying system administration.


Biamp’s Vocia and Tesira devices work together to provide an exceptional audio system design that can perform standard functions for day-to-day activities such as guest services, background music in dining areas and prep kitchens, and onsite events. This system also supports emergency evacuation/notification paging throughout the main structure, as well as general paging to the adjacent valet parking garage when a guest’s car is requested.

Tesira manages the audio systems in the ballrooms, onsite restaurants and cafés, lobby, and small meeting spaces, and also facilitates cross-platform communication with Vocia. In addition, Tesira provides VoIP capabilities to the facility’s huddle rooms. Vocia is Life Safety and EN-54 certified, and serves as the hub for all paging and emergency system support needs. Because there is no single point of failure, the system shown in this scenario will continue to operate normally if one part of the system is damaged or destroyed.

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