One of the three product unveilings we did at InfoComm13 last month included our Nurse Call system integration package (the other two were Biamp Canvas® Tesira control software and ceiling mics).

One of the first things we were asked when we entered the hospital paging and life safety environment was “Why can’t I get my Nurse Call system to automatically play back code messages instead of needing a nurse to make a page?” Over the last couple of years we’ve been perfecting this piece of our Vocia® product line, and we can now address this need for our healthcare end users with the Biamp Nurse Call Integration (NCI) package.

The Why of Biamp’s Nurse Call Integration Package
In addition to rising to meet our customers’ paging needs, our NCI package addresses an immediate need in healthcare facilities as it pertains to their funding.

While hospital budgets and funding are being cut, the cost, value, and scrutiny of quality patient care is increasing. To promote quality patient care and privacy, the Department of Health and Human Services is providing financial rewards to medical facilities based on the quality of care provided, not the quantity of patients treated. Methods for determining quality of care come from HIPAA regulations, The Joint Commission (TJC) accreditation standards, and the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS).

This increased emphasis on the quality of patient care creates an important opportunity for audio and Nurse Call integrators to provide a way for medical facilities to score more points for quiet hospital design.

The Benefits of Nurse Call Integration
With a new focus on quality patient care versus the quantity of patients treated, Nurse Call integrators are in a unique position to enable healthcare facilities to adapt to the changes in healthcare funding by:

  • Increasing HCAHPS score
  • Creating quieter hospitals that reduce patient recovery time
  • Automating and zoning code calls for reduced human involvement, error, and alarm fatigue
  • Increasing patient privacy and avoiding potential fines

The How of Biamp’s Nurse Call Integration Package
Our NCI package leverages our Vocia paging and life safety product line. It’s made up of the Text-to-Speech Nurse Call Server (TTS-1nc), Message Server (MS-1), and Vocia Output (VO-4e) device:

The Vocia TTS-1nc enables a direct connection to supported Nurse Call system servers via RS-232 and TAP protocol. Once a TAP text message has been converted to audio, assigned a zone and level of priority, the audio file is sent to the Vocia MS-1 for global playback functions. From there, the audio playback is streamed via CobraNet over standard Ethernet to the Vocia VO-4e where it supports up to four channels of line-level analog audio outputs that can be tied into the existing PA system, speakers, microphones, and amplifiers.

The NCI package can be installed as part of a larger Nurse Call and paging system, or it can be the main component in a smaller system. However the NCI package fits into your customers’ needs, we’re excited to be able to offer this option.

Our regional managers are happy to provide on-site NCI demonstrations. Give them a call to get more information.