At Biamp, one of our primary goals is to make your life easier. This goal can take many forms, from our legendary customer service and support to our ongoing commitment to enhancing our product families. As part of that commitment, we’re proud to introduce our Design Library. Our new System Design Templates were created specifically to provide program design and much more.

These templates will provide a baseline room and system design for specific use cases that you can then customize as needed. Each template also includes detailed information about what to do with network switches, how network traffic will flow through the switches, and which types of protocols the installation needs to support. These templates are designed to guide you through room setup and tuning. Although the specific components will vary depending on the space’s size, type, and intended function, all templates will include a Visio room topology, example programming file (if applicable), and network design.

Our initial template library includes 16 designs, based on common installation scenarios such as houses of worship, conference rooms, retail spaces, hotels, and hospitals. Each guide provides a brief description of the space and what’s needed, as well as a visual diagram and an overview of room functionality. With all the programming included, you’re free to download the file and make any necessary changes to suit your specific installation. All programming files are well organized and accurately labeled, and include detailed drawings designed to simplify any future troubleshooting or revisions.

We’ve taken care of the hard part for you, which will allow you to complete installations faster and more efficiently. We’ll keep adding new scenarios and designs regularly, so please email if you’re looking for a specific scenario that is not yet featured in the Design Library. Browse available System Design Templates here, and remember to check back often for updates.