From a single office building to massive business complexes spanning several acres, corporate campuses across the globe have sophisticated audio needs. Choosing the right technology is vital for keeping pace with the ever-evolving world of corporate business. Biamp offers a wide range of solutions for audio conferencing and critical paging, and even support for auditorium sound reinforcement.

In this Enterprise Corporate Campus scenario, Biamp’s Tesira and Vocia devices work together to provide an exceptional audio system design capable of performing a number of critical functions, from normal business operations such as meetings, conference calls, and announcements to background music and emergency paging.

Tesira facilitates cross-platform communication with Vocia, and also manages the audio systems in the executive boardrooms and small conference rooms. Vocia is Life Safety and EN-54 certified, and serves as the hub for all paging and emergency system support needs. Integrating paging with ambient noise compensation allows the paging volume to adjust automatically to the space’s ambient volume, ensuring pages are audible and intelligible. This ability is crucial in times of emergency, and is also convenient for overcoming cafeteria chatter or other day-to-day sounds during normal business activities.

Tesira and Vocia are tightly integrated. Audio can be passed between the two systems, and they can also share hardware to reduce costs. The Tesira SERVER-IO is the only audio device that can host and transport AVB, CobraNet®, and Dante™ from one chassis. This feature gives it exceptional flexibility and, for many applications, helps reduce the cost of your networked audio installation.

Download a copy of this Enterprise Corporate Campus design guide, or view our previous design guide post. Stay tuned to Component for future system design guides.