Whether your conference room is small or large, you no longer have to yell into a phone at the center of the table to be heard. The TesiraFORTÉ CI digital signal processor enables you to comfortably run a meeting that is clear, collaborative, and efficient. Built for direct integration with soft codec conferencing technologies like Lync, Skype, and WebEx, this solution also leverages our AEC technology to create a clean, clear audio experience that leaves everyone on the call feeling heard.

Conference Room System Design Guide

Conference Room System Layout

The needs of each conference room will vary, so here are three different systems under three different conditions:

1) Adding a third-party control system
If your organization wanted to add a third-party control system to this room and not use Biamp Canvas, you would purchase a system, and then wire it to the RS-232 port or the control port.

2) Adding additional microphones
TesiraFORTÉ has up to 12 mic/line inputs, so it’s simple to add microphones or other line inputs to this conference room.

3) Adding VoIP
If your organization uses a VoIP system, you could purchase the TesiraFORTÉ VI and use the conference room microphones and speakers for all your VoIP conference calls.

What would you do differently in your configurations?

Stay tuned for future posts featuring different system design guides!