Education remains one of our strongest commitments. We want our customers to have the deep knowledge they need to complete their installations effectively and efficiently. While some of that dedication takes the form of in-person classes and self-guided online courses, we also maintain a frequently-updated online knowledgebase. Cornerstone provides detailed information on how to resolve many common (and not-so-common) challenges, as well as convenient resources like interactive calculators.

If you’re just looking to brush up on your audio and system design skills, we have in-depth guides to properly utilizing automixers (including using them to control Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras), determining the best microphone placement, and understanding the difference between Peak and RMS meters.

Cornerstone features more than a dozen articles about Devio, covering everything from initial setup and configuration to an ever-growing series of helpful YouTube videos. Interested in integrating a telephone handset with Devio? Our headset interface article contains wiring diagrams for popular telephone models. Or, learn how to connect to Devio using our System Administration Utility for managing and configuring multiple devices at once.

You can also find a detailed breakdown of the input and output gain structure of audio devices, a step-by-step guide to Cisco CallManager configuration for Tesira SVC-2 or TesiraFORTÉ VI, information about Tesira’s text protocol subscription feature, and a thorough description of how to negotiate Telnet sessions with a Tesira SERVER. Need help calibrating Acoustic Echo Cancellation in a conferencing space? This guide will walk you through it. Are you interested in learning how to capture and read a Wireshark trace of your VoIP system? Cornerstone’s got you covered. You can also view our collection of release notes to see what new updates and features have been added to the Tesira software and firmware.

Looking for assistance with a Vocia installation? Check out our article on triggering auto-repeating pre-recorded messages. For systems that include MS-1e message server devices, learn about making use of their live, inter-world-paging capabilities. Are you planning to integrate Vocia with other Biamp DSP technologies? Find out how to bring external CobraNet audio sources into your Vocia system. We also have information on wiring and configuring LSI-16 devices, which are purpose-built for compliance to the EN 54-16 life safety standard.

There’s always something new to explore on Cornerstone, so remember to check back frequently for the latest tips and updates.