An Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is a central location where members of an organization gather during an emergency to coordinate response and recovery actions and resources. EOCs are found at all government levels, as well as in larger corporations that manage large equipment or high numbers of employees (such as a fire department, health care organizations, etc.). An EOC is responsible for the strategic overview, or “big picture,” of the disaster, making operational decisions and leaving tactical decisions to field commands. The common functions of all EOCs are to collect and analyze data; make decisions that protect life and property; and effectively communicate those decisions to all involved teams and individuals.

In this scenario, Tesira provides the audio and video processing for both the EOC and press briefing room. TesiraLUX facilitates streaming the video sources to the video wall processors and individual displays around the EOC. Tesira SERVER-IO provides sound reinforcement for the EOC and advanced audio processing for the video streams as needed.

Tesira’s network-based platform and inherent design flexibility makes it an effective AV tool for supporting the dynamic nature of an EOC. You can quickly re-route video streams to different displays in the operations center based on situation-specific requirements.

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