We’ve gotten a number of requests for rack mount kits since we launched Tesira, so we’re very pleased to announce that kits for our Tesira half rack expanders and TesiraLUX are now available. To those of you who have been waiting a while, thank you for your patience.

There are three mounting options to choose from:

Single unit rack mount kit (1RU)
Tesira RMK-1
Two unit rack mount kit (1RU)
Tesira RMK-2
Under table mount kit
Tesira UTMK-1

The rack mount kits can be used with the following devices. Only units manufactured after 1 May 2017 are rackable.

  • Tesira EX-IN
  • Tesira EX-OUT
  • Tesira EX-IO
  • Tesira EX-AEC
  • Tesira EX-LOGIC
  • TesiraLUX IDH-1
  • TesiraLUX OH-1

Spot the differences between rackable and non-rackable units
There are a few different ways to tell whether a Tesira half-rack device is rackable:

The unit has embossed screw holes on the bottom
There are no “fingers” on the top of the device; they were replaced by screws
There are threaded holes on the sides, as well as a keyhole on one side

Do not try to use these kits for the AMP-A460H!
Please note that these rack mount kits will not work with our AMP-A460H amplifier. The AMP-A460H ships with its own side-by-side rack mount faceplate, and the under table mount kit isn’t quite wide enough (please don’t try to prove us wrong – it will not end well).

Contact your Biamp sales representative if you have additional questions about any of our rack mount kits.