Now that ISE has concluded, we’re gearing up for Enterprise Connect. We’re pretty excited to attend, and we thought we’d share a few of the topics of conversation we find intriguing.

WebRTC (Real-Time Conferencing)
WebRTC, referring to communication platforms directly embedded into web-browsers, is gaining rapid acceptance in workplaces across the world. However, many people in the AV industry have lingering questions about the ongoing development of WebRTC and how thoroughly it will be adopted in modern offices. Enterprise Connect is hosting its fourth WebRTC conference to answer these questions. This event includes a full day of programming that will detail the most current data on WebRTC product development and current standards. The program includes live demonstrations of WebRTC products, presentations from industry leaders, and valuable feedback from end users.

Driving End User Adoption for Unified Communications
UC technology continues to advance, and multiple studies show that UC users solve problems more quickly, achieve increased customer satisfaction, and possess better teamwork skills. However, end user adoption remains a challenge. Enterprise Connect is offering an informative 45 minute session to discuss the best ideas for ensuring end user adoption, including ease of use.

Internet of Things (IoT) and Enterprise Communications
IoT is a trend that shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, industry experts predict that there will be 50 billion internet-connected things by the year 2020. As businesses and consumers adopt internet-connected devices into more of their everyday activities, the need for convergence is clear. This panel will cover several important aspects of IoT and its impact on enterprise communications.

Persistent Enterprise Messaging
This relatively new concept is becoming more prevalent. Think of it as a centralized virtual meeting room that is constantly accessible for information sharing, document access, as well as audio and video conferencing. With persistent enterprise messaging, there is no longer a need for meetings to have predetermined stopping times. Instead, these virtual meeting rooms support ongoing discussions that participants are free to join and leave as needed.

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