In today’s post-pandemic business world, AV technology plays a vital role. Although most employees have returned to the office, plenty of employers are combining the benefits of onsite and offsite work as they deem necessary.

This has led to a global explosion of unified communications (UC) deployments.

However, employers must ensure that their teams can access the best-possible conferencing equipment to help them succeed. And if there’s one thing employees want, it is a consistent, easy-to-use experience that delivers exceptional performance across collaboration spaces.

So, this has led to greater demand for high-quality conferencing solutions in meeting spaces of all types: from huddle rooms to medium and larger conference rooms. Conferencing technology that guarantees installation consistency and simplicity is a major advantage for both integrators and IT departments.

But regardless of a system’s ease-of-installation, there’s nothing that kills a meeting faster than poor video and/or audio quality. End users expect crisp, clear video and audio so all meeting participants are easily seen and heard no matter the room they’re using or where they’re sitting.

The demand for conferencing technology is increasing globally, and the need for consistent and faster deployments that perform as required is crucial.

Imagine burning hours on project installations by testing and adjusting the audio, resetting inputs, and more to get the solution and equipment just right. If you’re an integrator reading this, that probably sounds familiar.

But what if deploying AV solutions was easier, faster, and still delivered exceptional system performance and end-user satisfaction?

Welcome to Biamp Launch 2.0

Our groundbreaking Launch 2.0 technology is a one-touch discovery and tuning feature that automates conference room audio optimization. Launch 2.0 allows anyone to set up a professionally tuned conference space in minutes.

For example, a newly deployed conference room bundle with Launch 2.0 removes all guesswork by simplifying configuration through automation.

Launch measures the room’s acoustic characteristics and then automatically applies signal processing, acoustic echo cancellation, speaker tuning, and noise reduction. There’s also a detailed report card, which shows acoustic performance before and after the tuning process.

Not only does Launch provide the best possible digital signal processing for any given space, it also enables unbeatably fast installation time, making integrators look like AV rockstars.

Furthermore, Launch also supports Parlé microphones and a range of other Biamp network peripherals, including the Tesira AMP450 range of PoE+-powered amplifiers, the Tesira HD-1 dialer, and the Tesira EX-UBT USB extender.

It’s Microsoft Teams Certified!

With Launch 2.0 we make it easier to deliver consistent Microsoft Teams Certified performance thanks to the industry’s first fully automated conferencing system that adapts its audio settings while maintaining Microsoft’s audio standards.

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