Conference calls can be such a drag, right? You’re huddled around a speakerphone that’s practically an antique, straining to understand your remote colleague’s garbled voice on the far end of the call. You got started 15 minutes late because the in-room technology wasn’t cooperating, even though you’ve used it dozens of times. The person on the far end becomes frustrated and begins to raise their voice, resulting in high-pitched feedback coming through the phone’s tiny loudspeakers. Your meeting is not off to a good start.

Unfortunately, conference call frustration is a global phenomenon, spanning multiple cultures and industries. In fact, in the average meeting, eight minutes are wasted just getting meetings started, and another 13 minutes are wasted dealing with distractions and interruptions. Tech Republic recently reported that, “When it comes to meeting technology, products designed to help are often a hindrance. 87% of professionals surveyed reported frustration and stress due to technology failures in meeting rooms. 83% said they depend on technology to perform meetings and collaborate, meaning that the majority of people in the workplace both rely on technology and are frustrated by it.”

We know there’s a better way. A Biamp conference room is smarter. Our Beamtrackingmicrophones follow the sound of your voice, even as you move around the room, freeing you from the need to stay close to a speakerphone. You can even change seats or get up and write on the whiteboard with no impact on audio quality. With three 120 degree zones, these microphones actively track and intelligently mix conversations from around the table so everyone on the call can be heard and understood. This is particularly beneficial to far end participants. They can participate in the conversation in real time, which allows them to feel less like a remote caller and more like a true collaborator.

Furthermore, if you’ve ever participated in a call where one person suddenly has an outburst* about a particular topic, you’ll understand why we created a sophisticated amplifier that is capable of managing unexpected volume changes. Our four channel PoE+ amplifier features built-in burst technology designed specifically to handle peak signals. The amplifier’s burst mode handles peak signals with ease, and supports up to 50 watts (4 Ω load) or 30 watts (8 Ω load) per channel. That means as volume levels rise and fall, the amplifier adjusts in real time, preventing the audio from increasing or decreasing excessively. Don’t let the PoE+ fool you – this amplifier can get loud. Visit us at InfoComm 2018, booth C1954, to experience a live demonstration of this amplifier and our Beamtracking microphones in action.

Go ahead and focus on developing your next brilliant idea. We’ll make sure your conference rooms are smart enough to keep up with you. How’s that for audio visual bliss?




*Seriously, Earl, settle down. The new espresso machine in the break room isn’t that exciting.