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The entire Nexia lineup is designed with a network-friendly open architecture to help you create economical, intuitive solutions. You’ll save time, effort and, ultimately, money.

Where Does Nexia Fit Now That TesiraFORTÉ Is Here?

Since the release of TesiraFORTÉ, Nexia has a new place in the Biamp product family, and there have been some questions about when you’d choose Nexia, and when you’d choose TesiraFORTÉ. We’re referring to Nexia as our basic DSP. Just to be clear, “basic” for Biamp means “at least powerful enough to do everything for…

Do You Know Your Automixer Basics?

Here’s a slice of audio insight from our featured Cornerstone article of the week: Automixer Basics. Let’s go over the benefits of using automatic mixers (automixers), some of the issues that can arise when you don’t, and then a peek at an automixer control block diagram for Audia and Nexia products. 3 Key Benefits of…

5 Ways to Correct Bad Mix-Minus

When I started my career in the audio industry, believe it or not we used analog electronics to implement mix-minus systems.  We painstakingly mixed phase-inverted microphone signals into the overall mix (thus the ‘minus’) at different ratios, delicately tweaking potentiometers for hours to get larger systems sounding just right.  It was a labor of love,…

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